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About Us

Meet the Fund Board

We are your 2022-2023 Rockdale Magnet Fund Board of Directors and it is our job to make sure that our Fund does as much as we can to support our Rockdale Magnet school community.  We are a friendly and welcoming group and always welcome new members to help you to “learn the ways of Magnet”. Every parent is welcome to attend our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month (unless changed otherwise).  If you have any feedback or questions for us, please drop us a note or get in touch with us!  We always do our best to respond promptly and we appreciate your understanding.  We are looking forward to a wonderful school year!

President - Dr. Natacha Simon Christie

[email protected]

Natacha is the mother of an 11th grader, Bianca, and a 9th grader, Gabrielle.

Vice President - Tanisha Chandler

[email protected]

Tanisha is the mother of two 10th graders, Skye and Skylar and a 2022 RMSST graduate, Sya.

Secretary - Keisha Hudson

[email protected]

Keisha is the mother of a 10th grader, Collin.

Treasurer AR - Tessa Burkey

[email protected]

Tessa is the mother of a 12th grader, Dylan, a Class of 2020 RMSST graduate, Sarah, and a Class of 2018 RMSST graduate, Maddie.

Treasurer AP - Landra Jeffries-French

[email protected]

Landra is the mother of a 10th grader, Aiden.

2023 - 2024 Fund Officers

Dr. Natacha Simon-Christie – President
Tanisha Chandler – Vice President
Keisha Hudson – Secretary
Benita Edwards– Accounts Receivable Treasurer
Landra Jeffries-French – Accounts Payable Treasurer


AP Honor School
National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools
STEM Georgia (First HS in state to be designated)