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Monster Dash

5K Run/Walk

Friday, October 28 (RCHS Stadium 6:00pm)

An Amazing Evening of Fun and Fitness

Halloween Costume Contest

As part of the festivities for this year’s Monster Dash 5K, the Magnet Inc. club is sponsoring a Halloween Costume Contest. Prizes will be awarded to the most festive costumes.

Get Up and Move

.This year, we are inviting our local community to participate in-person in our 11th annual Monster Dash 5K run during the Halloween weekend on Friday, October 28. This isn’t a competitive challenge or race – it’s collaborative. We are all getting our miles in at our own pace – but we’re in this together. We have folks who are running at a brisk pace, and others who are taking a leisurely evening walk at sunset around our track/course.

All registered runners and walkers will receive a beautiful custom-designed race t-shirt. Sign up to run with us , grab your family and friends, and get out and get MOVING!

We are proud to support the Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology, JOIN US!

2023 - 2024 Fund Officers

Dr. Natacha Simon-Christie – President
Tanisha Chandler – Vice President
Keisha Hudson – Secretary
Benita Edwards– Accounts Receivable Treasurer
Landra Jeffries-French – Accounts Payable Treasurer


AP Honor School
National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools
STEM Georgia (First HS in state to be designated)